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ALLOTMENT RENEWALS 2018 (Go to Fingal Co Co Website for Information)

Are you an existing plot holder?  Are you interested in renewing your plot for 2018?

The renewal period for 2018 will be from Monday 1st January to Wednesday 31st January 2018.  

 1. Complete the AL2- Allotment Renewal Form‌ 2018

 2. Complete the blank Licence Agreement with your Name, Address, allotment scheme name, and plot number.  Please remember to sign and date the Agreement, and to have it witnessed by another person.

 3. Telephone our Cash Office at either (01) 890 5309 or (01) 890 5376 and make the relevant payment for the plot plus the €10 Allotment Association Fee

 4. Send the completed forms along with proof of payment to Fingal County Council, Operations Department (Allotments), Grove Road, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15 before the closing date. 

Not an existing plot holder?  Are you interested in a plot at one of our Allotment sites for 2018?
  • Applications for plots at one of our 4 Allotment Sites are done on a bi-annual basis. Our Early-Season lettings for 2018 will run from Monday 1st January to Wednesday 31st January and our Mid-Season lettings for 2018 will run from Friday 1st June to Friday 29th June.  

    1. Complete the AL1 - Allotment Application Form

    2. Send the completed form to Fingal County Council, Operations Department (Allotments), Grove Road, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15 before the closing date.

    We will be in contact with all new applicants once the relevant letting period has closed.

    Please be aware that new applications will only be considered during the early season and mid-season letting periods each year. Fingal County Council no longer operates a Waiting List system for allotment plots. Plots will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.  


Renewal or Application Forms / Information

Allotments Schedule of Conditions  
AL1 - Allotment Application Form 2017 
AL2 - Allotment Renewal Form 2017 
Allotment Agreement 2017 

Seed Swop 2017

Seed shop will be open (Saturday 22nd April 11:00 to 11:30 and Sunday 23rd April
12:00 to 12:30) @ the porta cabin. Please have exact change.

Seeds are 3 packs for €1 -
Beetroot: Red Garden Beet Pablo F1
Leek: Lancelot
Pointed head cabbage: Duncan F1
Scallion: White Lisbon
Swede: Helenor
Carrot: Nairobi F1
Sweetcorn : Swift F1
White onion sets (Forum) are also available, 300gm for €1


8th October 2016 - Invasive Plant Alert

Following the recent discovery of Himalayan Balsam (pic attached) being (innocently) grown at one of our Allotment Sites, please note the following:

According to condition 7.5 of the Fingal County Council – Terms of Licence for Allotment Lettings:
The Licensee shall not grow any plants, weeds or otherwise, as specified and prohibited by Irish and European Law”

According to the Invasive Species Ireland website:
“the Wildlife (Amendment) Act 2000 states that anyone who plants or otherwise causes to grow in a wild state in any place in the State any species of (exotic) flora, or the flowers, roots, seeds or spores of (exotic) flora shall be guilty of an offence”

The full Best Practice Management Guidelines – Himalayan Balsam can be found at:

20th May, 2016: COMMITTEE UPDATE

We have established a committee and will shortly issue details once it's formally agreed & roles assigned. We have 9 allotment holders who've volunteered for this. We have already met with Fingal Co Co on a number of issues you raised. We will shortly be issuing a communication to all allotment holders. Those that have paid their association fee will benefit from plans to purchase replacement small posts, mulch, and other sundries.

  • Organic Seed Company - Bogach Farm are a new Organic seed company based in Ballivor Co Meath. If you require seed the can log on at www.bogachfarm.ie. They have 160 varieties of seed at the moment and wiil be getting more.

A Guide to Vegetable Growing
Teagasc Kinsealy has recently updated its publication, A Guide to Vegetable Growing , by Stephen Alexander (fourth edition), which is a useful reference guide for anyone interested in growing their own. Copies are available free of charge from Teagasc Kinsealy at 01-8459000, or e-mail at stephen.alexander@teagasc.ie.


You will find a large amount of information through this site to assist you with running and maintaining an allotment. If you want to know more information on allotments - you can view our Questions and answers . We also have some information on getting started on your plot. Please remember there are lots of like minded folk with plots next to yours ready to offer help and assistance.

igrow and Tozer Seeds
igrow, the Irish online store serving the gardener, allotment grower, home grower and small commercial grower, has just become the exclusive Irish web partner for Tozer Seeds, the UK's largest vegetable seed breeding company. igrow can now offer a range of vegetables in small to medium packs suitable to all growers. Log on to www.igrowstore.ie and see the full range of Tozer Seeds together with a large range of vegetable and fruit fertilisers specially formulated for the keen grower.