Turvey Allotments

Sow, Nurture, Harvest for Life

Help and share!


Get to know your allotment neighbours. It's a great way to meet new people and make new friends. Also you'll discover that everyone has helpful information or contacts and ideas to help you on your way to a great harvest!

Also when you plan to take holidays or cannot get to your plot to water your plants, you can offer to do the same for your neighbours when they are in the same situation, i.e. I'll water your plot when you're away and vice versa.

Veggie Exchange

If you find you have too much of a crop and cannot give it away, email us here and we'll post on our exchange page that you have for example bumper crop of lettuce and looking to exchange for other fruit / vegetables.

Alternatively if you also have too many seeds, seed potatoes, baby plants etc, let us know and we'll advertise on this site for you.

Share equipment

We believe in a sense of community and helping our neighbours out when we can. Everyone has different tools and equipment, and if we all were to buy a full range of what is required, it would be a huge expense. Offer to lend out your equipment and also if you have a hose, leave it out and offer it to your neighbours who may not have one. Just ensure those who borrow tools - look after them and return in the condition they were lent to you.